Active Duty Collection

Essential and diligent, the Active Duty series balances industrial strength with clean-edged storage and shelving, sturdy frames, streamlined details, and oversized casters. These are your office workhorses. The modern industrial design integrates piano hinges and heavy-duty casters.

Building Block Collection

We understand how work works: needs change and teams grow. Our modular Building Block Collection offers maximum flexibility - allowing you to combine pieces with a variety of function and features so you can keep up as requirements evolve. From a single unit to entire systems, or even a workbar, we've established a standard so your workspace can be anything but.

The Building Block collection is a modular family of files, cabinets, lockers, and bookcases designed to neatly gang together, with signature porthole pulls, soft-closure hinges, and discreet casters.

Accessories Collection

We liken workspace accessories to a gap-toothed grin or a well-placed mole: they’re minor details, but they make all the difference. To uniquely personalize your studio or office—without erring towards cutesy or corporate—we’ve designed a small selection of accouterments based on requests and inspiration from clients. From monitor stands with the simplicity of modern sculpture, to artwork that speaks volumes, to ghost-free whiteboards, Heartwork accessories serve up the singularity you seek.

We also offer Bookshelf Dividers and Active Duty Perforated Hanging Baskets to complement your storage needs. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Sawhorse Collection

No piece better embodies the design tenet of form follows function than the iconic sawhorse table. Our Sawhorse Desk Collection retains the elegance and efficiency of the original, while accommodating the needs of creative teams today. Easy to install, offering flexible cable management, and available in a range of colors, surfaces, and configurations, consider this desking system a proper show horse for your work.

Coming Soon: Conference Tables. Give us a call if this might fit your project.


The office is ever-changing, and we're here to help. Meet SQUARE. Two trapezoids combine to make the perfect square, accommodating the full spectrum of work and living scenarios.