Base Camp 15W Modular Lockers

Designed for the new hybrid workplace, our Base Camp lockers allow maximum flexibility for how teams want to work today and tomorrow. Inspired by the idea that in a world of change, we still need a place to call home and safely store our personal provisions while preparing for the day ahead.

Choose from 2-Door, 3-Door, 4-Door, 5-Door, or Z-Door configurations to create a custom locker wall just right for your project. Take it further with color and mix and match the units or doors with any of Heartwork’s ten exclusive powder coat finishes. Our matte finish and sophisticated palette create the perfect work environment because making space for meaningful work is no child’s play.

Our QuickShip Program includes Heartwork’s Base Camp 15W Modular Locker 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and ZD available in 10 exclusive Heartwork colors. Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Made from commercial-grade 18/20 gauge steel in the USA, our lockers are built to last featuring Blum soft-close, euro hinges, and a variety of lock options to suit the needs of any project.

  • 10 exclusive powder-coat matte colors
  • Ships in 8-10 weeks
  • QuickShip ships in 4-6 weeks.

Made Well in the USA
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Gold Certified
Commercial / Trade Clients