A perfect square cut in two. Meet the new SQUARE, accommodating the full spectrum of ever-changing living and working scenarios.

Designed to adapt dynamically to your work styles and needs, alone or in multiples the SQUARE desking system enables limitless configurations and can be scaled up or down to create individual and team workstations, conference setups, work bars, or even ping pong tables.

Designed by Andrea Lenardin for Heartwork, each SQUARE desk is supplied with two casters for maximum mobility. Optional extension posts kits allow seamless transition from sitting to standing height, and support an array of moduclar provacy screens to personalize any setup.

SQUARE is flat-packed and easily assembled without tools (the most you'll need is the quarter in your pocket), making installation easy and storing a spare SQUARE ultra-efficient.

Base: Clear-coated natural steel or powder-coated steel in Heartwork’s signature colors.
Tabletop: Plywood with clear matte finish, or with Forbo linoleum overlay in two standard colors.

Made Well in the USA
Manufacturer’s Warranty
Gold Certified