Flexible Workplace Solutions

Work From Home

The shift toward remote work calls for WFH solutions that are designed with your pleasure and productivity in mind. Storage that keeps you organized and efficient can support the dynamics of a fluid home environment in which the lines between professional and personal blur.

Team Storage

Organization is essential. While we might try to KonMari our way into a more minimalist approach to life, we fully embrace the maximalists too. With Heartwork's solutions, the options are limitless on how you can manage your teams storage needs. Digital lockers allow for individual security, lateral files keep your paper element in check, and storage cabinets make the perfect space for utility storage (or snacks, we won't tell anyone).

Personal Storage

In any work setting, creating a sense of individuality is crucial. With the personalization options offered by our exclusive color palette, as well as innovative, thoughtful applications, our storage carves a space for each individual within a dynamically evolving team.

Coworking & Hot Desking

We believe that furniture should accommodate people (not the other way around), so our products are mobile, adaptable, customizable, and offered in an array of signature colors. Our Workbars make way for interactive workspace, a dynamic offering that allows team collaboration, informal meetings, kitchen seating and more.

Conference Rooms

The modern workspace has evolved to accommodate for a full range of styles: open plan, hot-desking, the cubicle, tele-commuting, you name it. However, there is one holdout from the "old ways" that is here to stay - the conference room. Yes - meetings will still need to happen as an integral function in any organization. Our solutions add thoughtful, intelligent design to bring the conference room into the modern age.


Personalize your workspace. Our range of exclusive colors combine across palettes to delineate team sections, function, region or to fit the brand colors. Mobile pedestals double as impromptu seating, and our Sawhorse Desk system ranges in size to accommodate a growing team.


Why wait when you can QuickShip? Heartwork’s QuickShip program features a lead time of 4-6 weeks + shipping. Available for our Active Duty 72W Storage Credenza and our Building Block 36W 5H Digital Lockers, these versatile storage solutions compliment any creative office. Our QuickShip products are available in White or Cool Charcoal, with options for mobility or fixed storage. Explore the products below or by requesting a quote, we'd love to discuss how this program can help with your fast-moving projects.